Betting On March Madness Games At

There are quite a few people who are betting on March Madness games because they love the allure of the tournament and the three weeks of basketball. There are over sixty games to be played during the tournament, and gamblers may bet on them at any time when they come to This article will explain why gambling at the site will be fun and profitable for anyone who wishes to use it.

#1: Placing Bets On Each Games

March Madness odds come up the moment the tournament teams are announced, and there are several odds that have only to do with teams that may play well in the tournament.

#2: Choosing Each New Bet

Gamblers who come to will find it quite simple to read on every new bet that is offered on the site. They will find the bets for each game in the system, and they may use information on each game to make decisions about what to bet on. The March Madness odds for certain games change as the tournament progresses, and odds for certain players will change if they are injured or suspended.

#3: Checking The Account Online

They may watch the games as they gamble, or they may watch the results of each game come up on the screen as their bets are paid out.

#4: The Odds Come From Vegas

Oddsmakers in Vegas create the odds for every game in the tournament, and they are the ones that determine the spread and other odds for each game. They are attempting to make money in their own right, and they cannot do that without proper odds for the games. The odds are listed on the site, and they are used for every new wager. Gamblers who understand the odds have a much better chance of winning, and they may check for changes at any time.

The tournament is a fun time on the sports calendar, and it helps the gambler enjoy basketball while watching their bets come to fruition on

Securus Technologies, Inc. to Acquire JPay, Inc.

Securus Technologies, for a long time, has admired the services and corporate value of Jpay. For this reason, they have developed a proportion to have the two companies unite as a team to provide the best force of good in the business. This is the biggest form of digitized payments. Jpay also works to offer services in entertainment, communication, and education sectors to the correctional market.


Securus Technologies, in an announcement made this past week, they have signed a stock agreement purchase form to allow them to purchase Jpay as one of their best companies in the United States serving the correctional market. For Securus Technologies, nothing gives them more honor than to unite with the best company offering services like digital payments in the correctional space. According to the state records with the Forbes Magazine, Jpay has more than 33 state prison facilities which receive their services through the provision of entertainment, communication, digital payments, and emails in the country.


According to the company, this transaction thrusts Securus Technologies to become one of the fastest-growing businesses in the United States. For this reason, they acquired Jpay to take care of their inorganic growth in business and service provision in the country as a way that demonstrates excellence. Rick Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, said that the company will now offer anything related to technology and software to the correction space through this acquisition.


For a long time, Securus has admired the services offered by Jpay. Therefore, they have been longing for an opportunity to have the two companies partner in the closest bonds of all. This acquisition demonstrates that Securus is one of the leading companies in the addition forum. It is committed to serve their clients with the highest technology and product innovation in the United States. Jpay, in the industry, remains an innovative force.



Texas Investment Firm Provides Financial Advice to Clients

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions provides investment advice to clients in Austin, Texas. He and his firm are fully registered to provide a comprehensive solution to clients investing and money management. Richard is a Retirement Income Certified Professional and started Wealth Solutions in 1994. He has over 20 years experience in the field and a love of financial planning.

Richard graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Finance and Financial Management Services. He established Wealth Solutions with the aim to truly help people save and invest for retirement.

He educates clients on investment decisions in order to help them with this very important goal. His love of education comes from his wife, mother, and grandmother all being teachers. He works with individuals, families, and small businesses so that they can obtain their financial goals.

He has built Wealth Solutions with a three pillar approach. The first pillar is built around helping each client design a financial plan, or roadmap. This identifies such things as what their goals are, how tolerant they are to risk, and where growth opportunities may lay. The second pillar is to lay out a long term strategy for each individual client.

According to Intelius, in this stage Richard Blair Wealth Solutios manages their funds through reallocation in order to obtain the best possible outcome, and reducing the impacts during negative market times. Lastly the third pillar addresses the clients insurance needs. This includes annuities, long-term care, and life insurance.

Financial markets face constant change. Due to this Richard believes that financial strategies also need to be adaptable to the ever changing marketd. The strategies implemented seek to help clients participate when the markets go up while minimizing the risks involved.

This can involve reallocating between US stocks, international developed markets, developing markets, bonds, and cash as needed. Reallocation is also needed as a client gets older and so their portfolio needs to get more conservative as they approach and are in retirement.

Wealth Solutions has now successfully grown to 7 employees. Over time Richard has broadened his knowledge and experience as it relates to investing. He offers clients unbiased and objective advice in order to best meet their needs.

PodCastOne Introduces New Spooky Show

Norman Pattiz, founder and Chairman of PodcastOne, has given the announcement that Beyond Darkness will be joining the Podcast lineup. This new podcast will be found on Chris Jericho, WWE star, will be found on his current line up. It will explore the concept of ghouls, ghosts, angels, and demons with renowned researchers. The show will seek to challenge what you know about these paranormal phenomenon. David Schrader and Tim Dennis will be the hosts of the new show and are well known in the subject area of the paranormal. New episodes will be available on Mondays through, the PodCastOne App, and ITunes.

Now he brings a show about the paranormal. His channel continues to exceed the original intentions and expectations of the network. This new show will definitely entertain and delight the fans of the paranormal and non fans alike. Beyond Darkness will inspire conversations about the paranormal and challenge known beliefs. PodCastOne continues to offer cutting edge entertainment.

Norman Pattiz has over 40 years of experience in bringing hits to the media. He is the founder of Westwood One, which became the largest provider of everyday programming to the industry. Westwood One was affiliated with or owned NBC radio networks, CBS News, CNN radio, NFL Football, NCAA Basketball, and a wide variety of syndicated music and talk shows. At the end of 2012, Pattiz recognized the growing trend in on-demand media and launched PodcastOne. It quickly became a success, and it showcased such talents as Adam Carolla, Shaquille O’Neal, Larry King, Chris Jericho, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, and Dr. Drew.

In 2000 and 2002, he was elected by both Clinton and Bush to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. This position allowed him to oversee nonmilitary programming services to all 22 countries of the Middle East. His long and distinguished career earned him a place in the National Radio Hall of Fame. In addition to his media career, he serves as a Regent of the University of California.

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What LOVAGANZA’s Highly Anticipated Celebrations Entail Come 2020

2020 will be an exceptional year for the LOVAGANZA and the whole world especially to those who will taste the great celebrations anticipated to be held by the entertainment brand. They will be held in several destinations in the world through the inspiration of Bohemian adventure and other cultures on the earth. Great entertainment from action films, exhibitions as well as other magnificent appeals will be part of the celebrations. They are anticipated to start in May and end in September 2020 happening concurrently in eight different worldwide flagship places on Tumblr.

All these will be portrayed through exhibitions, motion pictures, live events as well as attractions so as to fulfill the LOVAGANZA’s aim of experiencing on a Bohemian Journey around the world.

The extraordinary event was previously planned to happen in the year 2015, but the planners pushed the date to the year 2020. The reason behind the change of the date is because LOVAGANZA wanted to capture the current entertainment technologies that are changing vigorously. This will help to gulp the most recent or the current cultures existing on planet earth. The celebrations are expected to happen simultaneously in different places including America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia as well as Oceania.

Before 2020 comes, several activities concerning the final ceremony will be carried out for the preparation of the four big months. Such include a traveling show on Facebook beginning in 2017 and it is aimed at promoting the 2020 LOVAGANZA celebrations. The traveling Avenue will also show some samples of the motions pictures on 3d and 2D technologies on Twitter to be revealed in full later in 2020. The shooting of the preliminary film trilogy will be carried out then of which it has already begun in some places like U.S. France and Spain as well. The film trilogy will be showcased on the immerscope screens during the traveling show, but during the major celebrations, the screens used will portray the latest technology representing the present and future.

LOVAGANZA is one of the entertainment brands at that accounts for a humanitarian mission. The brand leads in making fabulous global entertainment that inspires humanity so as to create a world of Peace, Unity, and Abundance for everyone.  The LOVAGANZA Entertainment Franchise and aims at producing films that provoke global impact and earns some incomes as well. The other entity is LOVAGANZA Foundation which is a philanthropic arm aiming at carrying out charitable activities.