Doe Deere’s Success As a Makeup Entrepreneur

Lime Crime makeup company is becoming more of a well known brand in the world of beauty products. Those who follow the latest beauty products craze or have a keen interest in beauty vloggers likely have heard of Lime Crime and were inspired to buy some of the colorful hues of the company. The draw of Lime Crime is the myriad of colors available. Not as many people know that much about the Lime Crime founder. Once you start learning more about her, it is easy to see that she is just as colorful and interesting as her makeup brand. Doe Deere created the Lime Crime makeup company in 2008 deliberately to sell brightly colored and highly pigmented makeup products to a market of consumers who seem to be fascinated with these types of colorful products.


Doe Deere has long worked as an entrepreneur. She has sold novelty tattoos, music, and her fashion designs. This past experience helped her out with starting her makeup company and to make it a successful venture. Having past experience with entrepreneur work makes it easier to start selling a new product or service.


Doe Deere has always worn very brightly colored makeup or fun makeup. She would go out on stage, in public, and in photoshoots for her fashion designs in bright stage makeup. She noted how many people commented to her on how much they liked her makeup. The attention people had for the brightly colored makeup she wore made her realize this was a great business opportunity for her to pursue. She started off the Lime Crime company with her husband and plenty of creative ideas. The couple worked together to create the first Lime Crime lip colors. Their hard work paid off, as now Lime Crime is quite successful.


Doe Deere regularly keeps her Instagram and Facebook profiles active. If you want to hear what’s going on with her and Lime Crime, you can opt to follow Doe Deere and Lime Crime’s social media pages. Doe Deere’s Instagram is @DoeDeere. Lime Crime is on Instagram as @limecrimemakeup. Doe Deere is listed on Facebook as Doe Deere. Lime Crime is on Facebook as Lime Crime Cosmetics Store.




Distance Learning Courses Help You Change Your Finances Step By Step

Your finances can easily be transformed with a revolutionary distance learning course created by successful financial analyst and investor, Jim Hunt. The VTA Publications course is a popular online distance learning course that offers their clients tuition assistance. You have the freedom of taking your finances to a level of wealth. Hunt teaches you how to do more than earn money through his course on Crunchbase. He has been giving advice in the financial sector for over 20+ years. There are thousands of people that have changed their wealth with his course including top successful Fortune 500 companies.

Hunt attempted to make his mum a millionaire and was successful in under ten trades. His mum is now a tax-free millionaire. He offers this advice discreetly on his YouTube channel with other stock market advice on Hunt is well known for his precise accuracy of stock market predictions. He teaches you when to trade and how to trade in uncertain economic times. His channel is available to anyone with internet access. VTA Publications guides you through step by step wealth building strategies. You can have the freedom of controlling your money creating a cashflow that will allow you to start a business, buy a car, or a new home.

His YouTube channel offers real advice on how to invest in the stock market through unconventional methods. You can build your portfolio with investments, gold, or silver with his advice. He is known for his 100% accuracy of many financial predictions that have converted his clients wealth. Hunt says, do not focus on your naysayer’s, but surround yourself with positive people that can give you leadership advice on how to build wealth. Positive people produce results that you can use to finance your career. Hunt told Ideamensmh that people need to be more serious about their finances by taking a realistic approach to their debt.

Jim Hunt offers the VTA Publications course online for immediate enrollment. Visit the exclusive VTA website for more details on their promotional offers and financial strategy programs. Build your wealth with proven strategies today.

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MB2 Dental Is Built By Dentists For Dentists

This is a dental practice management company that has been built by dentists and gives priority to patients and not to profits.

They are providing a range of training services in dental practice. The MB2 University is providing employees as well as offices with the requisite knowledge and guidance that will help the affiliated dental offices to achieve success.

According to White Pages, all this is done by MB2 Dental by providing personalized attention. This MB2 University has been created to provide dental employees with tools that are required for promoting professional growth as well as development.

The MB2 University is also educating affiliate dental office employees in keeping the office running in an efficient manner. They are trying to make patient satisfaction as their number one priority. This way doctors would be able to focus on treating patients only.

The dental training, as well as the development programs being provided, can be used as a reference guide. Hence any affiliate dental office employee will be able to ensure continued growth as well as success.

There would be training such as Leadership Boot Camp, RDA Boot Camp, as well as annual training (OSHA, HIPAA, HIPAA HB300, and Sexual Harassment) besides E-Claim training. Next is DHMO training, Customer Service training, as well as Secret Shopper calls, and so on. The University will offer training guides as well as reference guides that can be used by all employees as well as those in affiliate dental office positions.

There are business development services being provided by MB2 Dental. It will coordinate the implementation of services being offered to MB2 affiliated dental offices. This would include partnering with their legal team. Learn more about MB2 Dental:

The construction requirements of the site are assessed to ensure that there is minimal personal exposure while executing a lease. The lease negotiation will lead to the development of a floor plan for the new office. Other services include starting the contract negotiations with contractors besides developing a list of dental equipment.

MB2 Dental has an ongoing relationship with Henry Schein and Patterson Dental that allows them to negotiate low-cost prices for various client offices.

While the construction of new office is underway, the Marketing and IT departments will coordinate in order to release direct mail flyers in a timely manner.

Next will be the proper installation and startup of the computer systems. This way there will be a fully functioning office from the day that the business opens up.

Interesting Facts about Trump’s pick for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos prides herself in being an advocate, a proven leader, a disruptor, and an innovator. Betsy aspires to see education reform all over America. She wants to remove the barriers that hinder choice in America. Her goal is to see a school system where people can make choices that help them thrive.

Her Previous Leadership Positions

Elisabeth DeVos once chaired The Windquest Group. It is a private investment management company with its headquarters in Michigan. The firm has a diversified portfolio. Betsy has been active in the politics of the nation for over 35 years. She was the Chairman of Michigan Republican party four times in a row. Besides that, she has held numerous leadership positions with party organizations, PACs, and campaigns. Today, most of her political work is geared towards education reform. She wants to remove barriers that prevent people from accessing the opportunities they need to thrive.

Her Community Work

Betsy has also been quite active in her community. She has served as the chair of various charitable foundations including the American Federation for children. Besides that, she has served on the board of directors for The Philanthropy Roundtable.

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Betsy and Her Husband are Big on Giving

In 2015, the DeVoses gave out $11.6 million to charitable courses. That amount is double what they have given to political campaigns in the last five years. Betsy is part of a generous and high-profile family. Her father in law and his children gave out a total of $104 million to charity in 2015. The giving has even earned them recognition from Forbes.

It is estimated that the entire DeVos family has given away about $1.3 billion to charity in the course of their lives. For Betsy and her husband, education has always taken priority. In 2015, 26 percent of their charitable giving or about $3 million went to education causes. Besides that, they awarded about $357,000 to groups that are fighting for much-needed education reform in America.

What inspired Betsy?

Betsy and her husband feel very strongly about education reform. They had children of school going age when she began fighting for education reform. Often, they would meet other parents who wanted to get the best education for their kids. Betsy DeVos believes that children should not be locked out of the American dream just because they come from the wrong zip code.

Her Education and Family

Betsy went to High School at Holland Christian. She holds an Arts degree that she got from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Betsy DeVos married renowned philanthropist and entrepreneur, Dick DeVos, and together they have a beautiful family of four kids and another five grandchildren.

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Wen by Chaz Tested by Emily McClure in Bustle

WEN has a product that claims to shampoo, clean and condition hair and even offers regenerative growth to hair follicles. It is a single product that claims to do it all. These claims are to be tested by a beauty stylist who decided to put the product to the test. Emily McClure took on the week long project and wrote the article for Bustle; taking Twitter selfies showcasing her hair during the test period. McClure has fine hair that is hard to manage and control and she had high hopes entering the test. She began the test by showing a picture of herself after a travel day and before her first shampoo using the product, Wen by Chaz. The second picture in the series is after her first shampoo and shows a modern woman with fine fly away hair getting ready for bed.

The test continues and her reporting is well documented as we follow the photos as they show improvement until the final day of the test. Along the way she determines that the Wen by Chaz recommends using a great deal of product to clean, shampoo, condition and revitalize the user’s hair.

McClure’s report represents the new and best form of advertising available for product endorsement. Many consumers, especially the growing group who are dependent on online shopping, are dependent on personal reviews for product recommendations. It is no longer sufficient to buy the recognizable brands but to look for recommendations from friends or reviews of the product or service offered. This, after all, is the day of Angie’s List. For online shoppers on and reading the product reviews of products is absolutely necessary. The days of the big box and brick and mortar stores are rapidly coming to an end.

McClure’s report and her final results are available here: Bustle.