Doe Deere’s Daily

People who sleep in and early birds alike, you have to eventually wake up some time. No matter what time you wake up there’s always a routine that you go through, whether it’s to go straight into your day, go back to sleep, or personal hygiene. Doe Deere runs the beauty brand LimeCrime and also has her foot in fashion. Doe is a firm believer of having a steady routine that you stick to for as long as possible.


She makes sure that she gets nine hours of sleep each and everyday. It’s one of the things she does to keep her pores open and clean. Her internal clock always wakes her up at 8:30 without fail. She just says to herself “Wake up at this time” and she does. The first thing she does when she opens her eyes is go straight to her phone to check her calendar and if she has anything she has to do. She contacts her coworkers and puts her phone down for the morning to make a clear route to her kitchen. Doe loves technology but leaves most of it out in the morning to focus on new ideas and her routine. She always has a glass of water and starts her morning yoga. The air where she is is kind of dry so she uses that as a reminder to always stay hydrated. Doe does her favorite yoga stretches, particularly the cat and camel poses and finishes up by making whatever she’s in the mood of eating for the morning. Her go to’s are grits and yogurt on the side with freshly squeezed orange juice from her orange tree.


When breakfast is all and done, Doe puts on the Beatles or any of her other favorite music and starts working on her makeup. This is every girl’s ritual. Doe Deere starts with her moisturizer and foundation from L’oreal or Mac. These two brands have inspired Deere to make her own foundation. The white powedering comes next and overlays her foundation and she finishes up with her eye brows, lipstick, and blush.

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Jason Hope; a lover and Enthusiast of Technology

Jason, with his interest in technology, is always looking forward to more improvements in technology. He believes that the Internet of Things Technology is already impacting the word positively. Mr. Hope says that, it is important to always keep your mind open and eyes focused on the next technological possibility. He says his next project will be looking on the possible ways to accelerate human intelligence and the ability to utilize technology. Jason was also featured by Wings journal on Airplanes and Aviation news, explaining how airlines are using the internet of things for their operations. He says that almost everything ranging from cars, airplanes and even medical equipment will be using wireless connections in a day to day running. In his desire to give back to the society he is always thinking of how his innovative ideas will become useful to many people. Jason is always thinking how people’s lives can be improved using technology. That is why he has dedicated all his life in researches and innovations.

Jason has been involved in various research and development projects in technology areas. He has been developing mobile apps and softwares that are aimed at making lives easy. To help him connect to technology, he founded a company called JAWA. He later partnered with others in technology Industry to carry innovation to the next level. Hope believes that in future, which is not far from today, most of what people do will be controlled by using devices. Recently he was in an interview with the Bro Talk, explaining how one can use smart phone app to control the sprinkler. The device will be able to tell when there has been a storm and there will be no need to water the garden for a couple of days.

Jason hope info is a former student of the state University of Arizona where he earned his degree In Finance. He is also a holder of MBA in business Administration from the Carey School of Business. He is a native of Arizona and a great lover of Technology. He believes that technology is the future and the future is today. His passion to give back to the society makes him to be referred to as philanthropic. General article.

James Dondero Gives Back To Dallas

James Dondero is the CEO of Highland Capital Management, and he has created a better place for the public to invest their money. He has built one of the largest hedge funds in the world, and he wants to ensure that the public has as many opportunities as possible to save their money. He is giving back to the Dallas community, and he will give more every year as it is needed. This article explains how James is creating a better city in Dallas.


#1: The Family Place


The Family Place is a charity that houses anyone who is running from a bad family situation. The charity is trying to help as many people as possible, and they have many buildings planned. They have started a new round of funding for their locations, and they hope that their locations will grow quite a lot because of this fundraising program.


#2: The Challenge Grant


James Dondero has offered a challenge grant to the people at The Family Place, and he knows that they may use that money to complete their fundraising drive. This generous gift will encourage other people to give to the charity, and James knows that he may help The Family Place complete their fundraising faster. Someone who needs a place to stay will get it faster.


#3: Giving Back To Dallas


James gives back to Dallas as much as possible, and he has coordinated with those who work in civic giving to offer as much money back to the community as possible. Someone who wishes to use the facilities that The Family Place builds may need other services that James has also given to.


James Dondero has proven that giving back is important. He is helping the city of Dallas become a much better place for people to live.

Brian Bonar: A True Champion in Investments and Entrepreneurship

Brian Bonar, a San Diego-based investor and entrepreneur, is known for his forward and innovative thinking which helped him to earn the reputation as a champion businessman in all his ventures. He is known for providing customized solutions which are addressing the needs of various industries in their accounting, BPO, support, and staff requirements. To many of the industries, he is a problem solver and solution provider which are comprehensive and innovative.

Brian Bonar is known for end-to-end solutions including building design, development of design, procurement, and administration of the contract. He services are client-focused, and his portfolios include aviation, retail commercial, and multi-family housing.

Bonar’s dedicated services to the industry made him eligible for the Who’s Who Executive of The Year presented by The Cambridge for Finance. It should be noted that the recognition is given to two distinguished male and two female executives who could make innovation and total transformation of the industry they are working with.

The committee chooses the winners according to their accomplishments, academic achievements, and leadership skills. Bonar has more than four decades of experience in various industries from technology to finance. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation, where he takes care of providing innovative employee services solutions, aftermarket products, and employee benefits to various firms. Bonar guides the company by providing it assertive management and sales strategy.

He is also the Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc, a professional employee service company which is giving service to IT industry. Bonar is also the founder and managing member of AMS Outsourcing, a firm with PEO operations for various industries and companies.

As a person who is ready to put his knowledge applicable in every industry where possible and ready to work hard, Brian Bonar took up the leadership of Trucept Inc. as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the firm in 2011.

It is currently the market leader in providing temporary staffing solutions and insurance products to the companies in and around San Diego. Brian knows that being into a highly-competitive industry, he has to depend on quick decisions, creative thinking, and customized solutions.

Bonar started his career with IBM as a procurement manager and took care of the supervision of IBM PC’s motherboard outsourcing. Later, he joined QMS, an engineering firm, as Director of Engineering with direct responsibility for handling and leading a team of more than 100 software and hardware professionals.

In the coming years, he worked with a number of firms such as Rastek Corporation, Adaptec, Bezier Systems, Itec Imaging Technologies, and Allegiant Professional Business Services. Bonar completed Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and continued his studies and secured Master’s from Stafford University before starting his high-value career.

The Importance of a Wedding Photographer

For years, George Street Photo and Video have been considered to be amongst the best service providers available. Some of the reasons include their services, which ascertain that as their client, you attain the best there is to offer; furthermore, they ascertain that you will have a memorable day, one which you will always treasure. To achieve this, they need to meet your needs, make your wedding beautiful and ensure you attain value for your money, all of which are met without any hurdles.

Due to their availability in multiple places, you are assured that you can attain all that you would need. That is, you will be able to get all the services at reasonable pricing. If you are in Boston or Baltimore, you will be assured that you attain excellent services, all of which will make your wedding much pleasant and memorable. You will get to attain the inspiration, advice, and support needed for the big day.


How End Citizens United is Planning to Fight Big Money During 2018 Midterm Elections

In May 2017, End Citizens United announced it has endorsed a team of 17 candidates who will advocate for reforms in the finance industry across ten states. ECU plans to connect those candidates with its network of over three million members, and work together in order to fight the presence of Big Money in the political arena. According to Tiffany Muller, President and Executive Director of End Citizens United, the candidates appointed have proven track records of championing against Washington’s rigged system, and also eliminating completely Big Money from politics.


ECU is in the forefront to ensure reform champions are elected to Congress, and it was among the first groups that endorsed the candidature of both Rob Quist and Jon Ossoff. End Citizens United members contributed over $1 million in support of Jon Ossoff candidature. The House endorsement of the 17 reform champions came after a month long grassroots campaign. In April, ECU announced it was targeting to raise about $35b million for next year’s cycle, particularly through small donations. The 2018 contribution is expected to surpass the amount raised in 2016 ($25 million).


Role of End Citizens United’s in Political Scenes


ECU is a group that is focused on eliminated Big Money from American politics. During 2018 midterm elections, the group is projecting to have raised $35 million, according to information released to USA TODAY. During the first three months of 2017, approximately 100,000 individuals contributed over $4 million. According to Tiffany Muller, 40,000 individuals contributed for the first time. The executives of the group aim to have members of the Congress elected from finance reform champions. Muller continued to explain that on average, each member has contributed $12 this year. Donors of End Citizens United believe there is no transparency, where individuals who are able to give big checks get bigger say.


The executive further said the Democrats are furious for losing presidential election in 2016, and are preparing to fight back against President Trump’s nominees, especially Judge Neil Gorsuch, the Supreme Court nominee. In recent months, ECU’s political committee has been encouraging its members to contribute $500,000 to support election of Democrat candidate Jon Oss, to try his political ambitions for the first time in Georgia.


End Citizen United functions as a traditional PAC and is not supposed to accept contributions of more than $5,000 from an individual contributor. ECU spokesperson Adam Bozzi, said the group has created strong ties with other finance groups. For instance, the group collaborated with more than 20 groups to support rejection of Betsy DeVos nomination as secretary of education. Although some Republican Senators had received funding through her family, the results of the vote was 50-50, and VP Pence had to cast his vote for her confirmation.