Who Is Sawyer Howitt?

Sawyer Howitt is a racquetball player and entrepreneur, entwining both talents into a successful career as an entrepreneurial athlete. In his article, “How to become a racquetball pro like Sawyer Howitt”, he illustrates how he used his business mind to lay out his road as a professional racquetball player and how anyone with drive, ambition and a plan can do the same thing. From deciding what sort of athlete to be and finding sponsorships to eating right and finding a great coach, he details the ins and outs of professional athletics with precision. His business mind succinctly and effectively lays out his insight into the world of pro sports in an easy to understand manner that makes all things possible.

Although most of his racquetball experience is from in high school, Sawyer Howitt already shows great promise in the sport. Currently a member of the Racquetball Club of Portland and is expected to be a shining star in the near future, possibly in the Olympics. In 2015 Howitt was listed “most active in tournaments” and played an exceptional game in the State Championships, due to which he was asked to be representative on staff by the Racquetball Club of Portland while still in high school. Two years later in 2017, he was named Lincoln High School Racquetball Star.

While he has always spent much of his time into his racquetball game, he has put equal energy into excelling in his entrepreneurial career. He currently holds the position of project manager at Meriwether Group and plans to attend UC Berkeley.

With all this, he somehow manages to make time to help his community through donations, running mentorship programs and fighting for women’s rights. Even after all that, he occasionally take some time for himself to indulge in his photography hobby.

Aloah Construction, Illinois’s Premier Roofing and General Contractor

If you live in Illinois or southern Wisconsin and need a new roof or other repairs to your home, the people to call are Aloah Construction.


Northern Illinois has already this year had to deal with storms, high winds, and dangerous hail. This is the start of the roofing and siding season for Aloah Construction who will give the homeowner, whose home has been damaged by these storms, the help that they need to make their home safe and secure again.


In 2013 they were extremely happy to have completed 7000 projects, but this year they have 20,000 completed. In 2015 they opened a new office in Bloomington in order to serve Southern Illinois. The new location is now working just about as many projects and the Lake Zurich Office.


Aloha Construction also offers financing for your new roof or major repairs and offer a 10-year craftsmanship warranty and they are fully licensed and insured.

They are a trusted General Contracting Company throughout Illinois. Their services include Cedar Siding, Gutter Installation, Roof Waterproofing, Installation and repair of siding, installation, and repair of Soffit, Stucco Installation, Door and window installation as well as roofing insulation.


In 2016 Aloah Construction along with the National Roofing Contractors Association joined with the David Farbaky Foundation and Express Toys in launching the Construction Childhood Memories to give a family in need a shopping spree. They went to OMNI, an organization that helps youths in crisis to choose a family for this shopping spree. OMNI chose a single mother with four daughters who were struggling with poverty and depression.


Thanks to Aloha Construction, the David Farbaky Foundation, and OMNI these 4 girls were provided with large garbage bags, and 60 seconds each to grab as much as they could and were then surprised with another 30 seconds to get what they missed. At the end, each one had filled up to 10 bags that amounted to more than $7,000 when checked out.



Tony Petrello: College Years and Beyond

Tony Petrello is currently the CEO, President and Chairman of Nabors Industries, the largest land based oil and gas drilling contractor in the world. In 2015 he earned $68.2 million in compensation.

A few years ago, his college roommate wrote a comical look at who Petrello was in college. He describes him as a skinny public school kid that came from a working class family and attended Yale on scholarship. He jokes that he had a thick Jersey accent, was quite loud and had a boasting Italian-American demeanor that stood out among the reserved, WASPs of Yale. Aside from physical description, he describes him as an incredibly gifted math “whiz” who was an obvious genius even at the young age of 18.

He went on to work at the elite law firm of Baker & McKenzie, where he eventually moved up the ranks to be appointed as managing partner. From there, Petrello was wooed away by Nabors Industries, which was one of Baker & McKenzie’s largest clients. He moved to Houston to become president and Chief Operating Officer of Nabors in 1991. By 2011, he had moved up to hold the three titles he has today: President, CEO and Chairman of the Board. Click here to know more.

Tony Petrello married his high school sweetheart, Cynthia and the two gave birth to a daughter, Carena, who was born 24 weeks early and developed cerebral palsy. Tony and Cynthia took it as their personal mission to bring advancements in child neurological research to their backyard in Texas and the two worked diligently with the Texas Children’s Institute Center for Neurological Research to raise money, awareness and, most importantly, to bring in advanced research. To date, the couple has donated $7 million dollars as well as led the charge in the Texas community to raise even more funds and awareness.

His LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-petrello-1335b097

A Look At Central Ohio’s Residential Real Estate Market

It’s a seller’s market currently in the Ohio residential real estate market. While most of the United States has seen a rise in home values over the last few years Ohio, in particular, has seen a big boost in these values. The median selling price of a single family home or condo in Ohio now stands at just below $200,000 which represents an increase of about 8% over this same time last year and 1% over the prior month. This rise in home values is expected to continue in the near future.

In response to the booming rise in home values and people moving to Central Ohio, one national homebuilder is building 240 new homes in New Albany. The homes will be completed over the next year and is expected to also result in new commercial businesses being established near this new development. Despite the rise in home values Ohio continues to have a low cost of living in comparison to other states.

According to Yelp, one of the real estate agent’s experienced with this rise in home values is Tammy Mazzocco who is a REMAX agent in the offices of Judy Gang & Associates in Pickerington, Ohio. She has been a licensed agent since 1995 and has helped a lot of people buy and sell their homes over the years. Since she has spent practicing in Central Ohio she is very experienced and knowledgeable about local residential real estate trends. Due to this, Tammy Mazzocco is able to sell homes at the best possible price for the sellers she works for.

What separates Tammy Mazzocco from other real estate agents is that she treats her clients like family. Buying and selling a home is a big event in people’s lives and they need someone to help guide them through the process. Mazzocco is able to keep this a low pressure process through guiding her clients with a friendly hand.

Marc Sparks A Flicker Into A Flame

A “serial entrepreneur” is one who constantly comes up with new ideas, starts new businesses, hands off the overall responsibilities to others, then moves on to the next. This describes Marc Sparks’ business ventures in a nutshell.


Marc is very passionate about building companies. He has a private equity firm (a family office), Timber Creek Capital LP, designed to turn the dreams of entrepreneurs into much sought after, financial generating products and services. This firm, located in Dallas, Texas, provides the necessary funds, office space, equipment, legal services, accounting services, web development, customer service, a support staff, and a host of banking, marketing, and networking services needed to navigate businesses from start to finish. Timber Creek Capital has over thirty seven years of entrepreneurial experience and they enjoy what they do.


When presented with an initial idea, either his own or someone else’s, Marc proceeds to develop both short term goals as well as long range plans of growth for the startup. “The process of starting a new business begins with building a business model and acquiring the resources to ensure success.” says Marc Sparks. He goes on to say that a quality and collaborative work environment is no less than one fourth of the ingredients for success. That is why Timber Creek Capital LP hosts three startup companies in their facility and provides them with an extensive maturation (incubation) period. Marc raises the question “Would you be more inspired if your business was located in a darkened warehouse on a side street with few to no windows or on the first floor in a retail space with plenty of windows and other successful walking by? Yes, these are extreme scenarios, but it is something to think about. Marc says “Do not cut corners where you and your team spend most of their waking time as it truly can mean the difference between success and failure.” Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/entrepreneur-marc-sparks-transforms-office-to-optimize-innovative-collaboration-300024747.html


Marc Sparks has penned a book entitled “They Can’t Eat You“. In it, he documents his unsteady journey as an entrepreneur. Motivated and encouraged by his colleagues to write the book, Marc hopes the book and his experiences therein brings a blessing to others. “My book is for those entrepreneurs who are losing hope and just can’t seem to get across the goal line with their dreams.” says Marc.


Aside from being Founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital LP, and Author of “They Can’t Eat You”, Marc Sparks has philanthropic work which include his own non profit agency, “Sparkey’s Kids where he donated one thousand laptop computers to at risk kids via American Can! Academy, his involvement with Habitat For Humanity who constructs affordable housing for families, as well as his involvement with “The Samaritan Inn” which is a Texas homeless shelter that houses approximately one hundred and sixty people nightly. Learn more: http://www.marcsparks.com/


Marc Sparks says “The only reason a C+, high school educated kid like me could possibly build and sell hundreds of millions of dollars of self made products and companies is the grace of God.”


The Frontera Fund and No More Death

As tensions rise and disdain for immigrants increases, members of the humanitarian group No More Deaths-Arizona dedicate themselves to standing in the gap for migrant workers and immigrants who have few resources. The group No More Deaths dates back to 2004 when a collective of faith-based and community groups in southern Arizona banded together to address the numerous deaths of immigrants and migrant workers in the desert.

Organization co-founder Reverend John Fife explains that No More Death sprang from the need for a consistent presence in the Arizona desert to prevent the mistreatment and deaths of migrant workers and other immigrants. The organization formally became a ministry of The Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson in 2008.

No More Death’s mission is as clear as it is bold; to end death and affliction along the Mexico–US border via a civil initiative. Group members and other ethically enlightened individuals work visibly to defend fundamental human rights.

No More Death strives to bring their ideas for change into existence through several avenues including, consciousness raising, advocating for humane immigration policy, and direct aid and intervention. Volunteers place food, clean drinking water, and much-needed supplies on migrant trails.

Additionally, No More Death volunteers offer shelter and medical care to migrants. They record any accounts of groups harming the migrant workers. Moreover, No More Death volunteers work to help those migrants already deported.

No More Death receives financial support from the Mike Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund supports numerous organizations that promote human, migrant, and civil rights. Additionally, The Frontera Fund champions freedom of speech and civic participation. Working to safeguard these rights throughout the state of Arizona; particularly along the Arizona-Mexico border.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund came to be after the 2007 arrest of journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent armed deputies to apprehend Lacey & Larkin in the middle of the night after they reported a grand jury proceeding seeking the notes of reporters writing about Sheriff Arpaio. After a large public outcry over the incarceration, the sheriff dismissed the charges within 24 hours.

A lengthy court battle ensued, and in 2012, The Ninth District Court of Appeals awarded Lacey and Larkin a 3.7 million dollar settlement based on the violation of the pair’s First Amendment rights. In a philanthropic action that serves the Hispanic immigrants and migrant workers, Lacey & Larkin used the settlement money to create the Frontera Fund.

Because of the dedication and hard work of No More Death volunteers and the generosity and civic mindedness of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the lives of migrant workers improved and the death toll in the harsh Arizona desert reduced.