Jeremy Goldstein Explains How the Concept of Option Value is Helpful to Employees

Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced business lawyer with over 15 years’ experience. He has independently opened a law firm in New York. Jeremy is a partner at the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The law firm focuses on giving legal guidance to compensation committees, management teams, and CEOs on executive compensation. Before his investment in his company, he worked as a partner in different organizations.


In his lifetime, Jeremy Goldstein has overseen significant transactions involving big business. These include Chevron, Verizon, Merck, Bank One, Duke Energy and AT&T. Jeremy Goldstein serves as a board member at a prestigious nonprofit and law journal organization known as Fountain House.


But why do investments firm need the services of a qualified attorney, like Jeremy Goldstein? Usually, such companies deal with huge transactions that involve a lot of money exchanging hands. As such, the transactions taking place are legally binding.


In the past few weeks, most corporations have resolved to stop providing stock options to their employees. Most of the firm do so to save money. However, the main reason for this decision is always complicated. These are the three top challenges that make various companies take this route.


In the course of doing business, the stock value may depreciate at a higher rate. A significant drop in value may hinder the employees from exercising their options. Furthermore, the company will still be required to report the various expenses, and stockholders are facing the risk of option overhang.


Some employees have become suspicious about the issue of options as a compensation method. These people are aware that economic fluctuations adversely affect the value of the option. Therefore, granting options as compensation may resemble an issue of casino tokens as compared to the issue of cash.


An issuance of options has a great impact on the accounting methods. The accounting cost of various options granted to different employees may eclipse the advantages that the firm stands to gain from these derivatives. Most staff employees do not consider shares as valuable compared to the higher salaries that the employer should pay if the option were eliminated.


The issue of either call or put option to the employee is a direct ticket to ensure that the firm is successful. An employee will only be able to exercise the right of the option if the business is quite successful. Therefore, such employees will work round the clock to ensure that the firm has a positive cash flow and a healthy return on equity. To achieve this, the employees will strive to satisfy the existing customers and attract new ones.


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Vincent Parascandola’s Career As A Financial Professional

Vincent Parascandola is a financial professional who has worked for AXA for 12 years. He is located in the New York City area and currently oversees the company’s network of 225 financial advisors located in the state of New Jersey. Altogether he has been in the financial industry for over 30 years, having started his career as a Systems Analyst at Irving Trust Company in 1986.

Within a few years Parascandola became an agent for Prudential Insurance, selling life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and offering investment management services. His success in this position led to him getting a position at The MONY Group. The MONY Group was another financial company which sold life insurance, annuities, and investment accounts used for retirement and other purposes. While at The MONY Group, Vincent Parascandola worked with high net worth individuals. In the 12 years he was with this company he rose in the ranks of the company. While he started out as an individual contributor he was eventually promoted to a sales manager where he managed a team of financial professionals. He then earned the role of a managing director and finally that of a field vice president. Check out Vimeo for more info.

In 2005 the industry giant AXA bought The MONY Group and renamed it AXA US. AXA is a global company that was founded in the early 1800’s in Paris, France. Today it offers insurance policies, investment management services, and other ways for people to manage their financial situation. After the sale of The MONY Group, Parascandola stayed on and became an executive vice president at the company’s AXA Equitable subsidiary. He continued climbing the corporate ladder and was soon named the President of the company’s Advantage Group. He went on to serve in a variety of different divisions of the company before attaining his present role. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Vincent Parascandola now has years of managing teams of financial professionals. He has become very adept at maintaining the targeted profit margins his division is responsible for producing. He is also skilled at recruiting new talent for the company and boosting the productivity of those who serve under him. You can search Alumnius for more.

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Securus Technologies Has An Impressive Background In Inmate Calling

Securus Technologies has built their reputation as s leading inmate monitoring, and surveillance network. Government regulations require inmate providers to be audited for accuracies, or the protection of the general public. They have proudly served the industry for over 25+ years, and have been responsible for auditing big names like Global Tel-link, and IC Solutions. Corporate example, during a successful fourth quarter audit by Securus Technologies there were very few inaccuracies found in the Global Tel-Link network. They soon began one of the fastest growing inmate calling networks in the industry with CEO, and president, Richard Smith.


Their new calling features offer the top services in the industry at a very affordable price. Securus is ready to meet the demand in a complex inmate calling network. If you’re eighteen years of age, or older, and have a valid payment method, Securus takes the guesswork out of inmate calling with a hassle-free experience. They proudly employ over 16,000+ IT professionals with the highest standard of customer service, security, and monitoring. They have recently received a prestigious award for their high level of customer service excellence in the industry. They have exceeded customer expectations in a competitive inmate calling network.


Securus Technologies Features


Packaging Services


Securus is working to bring their customers a packaging services feature. Inmates will be able to order the top food brands, electronics, and services from Securus Technologies. Their most popular feature is access to their tablet; allowing inmates to download games, receive facility approved photos, and have access to remote visitation.


Remote Visitation


You can visit the ones you love over the internet with high definition resolution, and sound. Customers can also control the sound with a few onscreen modules.


Join thousands of other Securus Technologies by visiting their website today.