Kevin Seawright and the Importance of Hard Work

Kevin Seawright is a hard-working professional who has throughout the years has made a big name for himself within his field. He serves as a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and managing partner. He’s a major player in the real estate scene.

He is equipped with a broad range of skills that help him move forward in the real estate world as well. Some of the skills Seawright possesses are strategic planning, forecasting, data analysis, accounting, research, collective bargaining, event planning, contract negotiating, public speaking, instructional design and leadership development.

\Seawright is a real estate expert who focuses on all facets that involve human capital, community outreach, system administration, teaching, higher education, organizational development and performance management. When Seawright goes to work each day, he thinks in great detail about subjects including managerial finance, business strategy, program development and maintenance management. Read more: Kevin Seawright Sees Big Things for New Jersey Real Estate as Economy Grows

People know that Kevin Seawright is a real estate powerhouse. There are also many people who are keenly aware of Seawright’s commitment to community work. He does a lot of volunteering any time he’s able to squeeze it in. He’s been donating his time to serve as a basketball coach in Suffolk, Virginia for a couple of years now. Seawright loves focusing on improvement that involves education and economic empowerment in general.

Kevin has a position with the Newark Economic Development Corporation in Newark, New Jersey at the moment. He used to work in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Seawright is an individual who is constantly trying to expand his horizons.

He’s always trying to strengthen his skills and abilities as well. Seawright can be a big help to people who need assistance with finance and accounting matters alike. He regularly works on finance and accounting issues at work. He knows a lot about receivables, payables and much more. He’s always doing anything he can to improve his knowledge, too.

Kevin Seawright is a modern individual who is always looking toward the future. He has an account on the celebrated social networking site, Twitter. He writes and posts tweets that offer invaluable insight into his personality. These tweets give people information about his career, too.

A Closer look at Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage is a well established businessman and is currently a Managing Partner at an organization called 5AM Ventures. Through his hard work and ambition Scott Rocklage became a Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures within less than a year after joining the organization. Scott Rocklage has been with 5AM Ventures for thirteen years. Scott Rocklage is also referred to as Dr. Scott Rocklage, PHD.


Scott Rocklage has a great deal of responsibility as Managing Partner for a company that helps to build as well as create Life Science Organizations. Mr. Rocklage has exceptional management as well as organizational skills. In addition, Scott Rocklage’s problem solving skill and creativity makes him a perfect fit as Managing Partner of a successful organization.


Mr. Rocklage was directly responsible for the FDA approving a total of three new drug applications. In addition, Scott Rocklage was involved with creating clinical drug trials for the medications that received approval. One of the drugs that received direct approval through Mr. Rocklage’s efforts was the medication Cubicin.


Previously, Dr. Rocklage held CEO Positions at Nycomed and Catalytcia. In addition, Dr. Rocklage currently sits on the Board of Directors at an organization called Cidara. In 2010, Scott Rocklage served as Executive Chairman of Ilypsa.


*Educational Background:


Scott Rocklage obtained a Degree in Chemistry from the University of California (Berkeley). In addition, Dr. Rocklage received a PHD in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While he was a student at MIT, Dr. Rocklage worked closely with Dr. Richard Schrock. Dr. Schrock is a well known Nobel Prize Winner.


At present, Dr. Rocklage carries over 20 U.S Patents. Dr. Rocklage is known as an inventor, teacher and businessman. He enjoys new challenges and is quite analytical. Scott Rocklage has stated that he has great plans for the future. However, at the present time Dr. Rocklage does not choose to reveal those plans just yet. Learn more:


NewsWatch TV Reviews


Are you a manufacturer who desires to market your products using the best mass media means? If so, then you will benefit immensely by choosing NewWatch TV. NewsWatch TV has aired in more than 200 markets in the United States. The best thing about it is that it does not take much of your time since it airs for only 30 minutes!

The news channel has aired more than 1000 episodes since it commenced its operations in 1989. If you are someone who desires to market products from diverse fields, then NewsWatch TV is undoubtedly the perfect choice for you.

NewsWatch TV is one of the best media outlets that you can use to highlight your products and services, as proven by the number of celebrities that have appeared on the show. Some of them are Brooklyn Decker, Ted Danson, Dale Earnhardt, Julianne Moore and many others.

Some of the most important highlights that can be seen from the video interview between the Avanca saleslady and NewsWatch journalist are discussed below.

The saleslady, Nathalie Van Wijkvliet, confesses that they have significantly benefited ever since they started working with

NewsWatch. She says that at that moment, it is their second time of working with NewsWatch TV. They partnered the first time when they were launching their ground funding campaign for their windows Pc that could fit into someone’s pocket.

At that particular moment, they are launching their Ockel series 8, a desktop Pc. It comes with the benefits of a mobile device. When asked about the headphones that she is wearing, she says that they are of good quality due to their wireless nature and versatility. They allow you to listen to your favorite music while at the gym without worrying about the cables falling.

The Verdict

From the customer testimonial, it is evident that NewsWatch TV is one of the best media outlets that you can use to promote your products. Indeed, you will never go wrong by partnering with NewsWatch TV!