Rodrigo Terpins: One of the Best Drivers In Brazil

Rodrigo Terpins is among the best sports drivers in Brazil. He spends most of his time doing what he loves most: driving.

It’s no secret how Terpins came to his success. His brother, Michel Terpins, is also a race car driver who has also raced for the Sertoes Rally, and in addition is one of the most decorated drivers in Brazilian history.

Terpins has recently finished in a time of 58 minutes and nine seconds at the Bull Sertoes Rally, with Fabricio Manchiana as his partner.

Terpins believes in consistency and devotion, not only to his work as a driver, but also to his family, which has contributed to his and his family’s success over the years.

Turpins typically drives a T1 prototype off-road vehicle, many of which can be seen in rallies throughout the world. These include vehicles manufactured by Hyundai, Brogward, and BMW.

Rodrigo and Michel Turpin competed in the 22nd Sertoes Rally championship, covering an overall distance of 2,600km. The race took them through two states, and courses designed to test the mental and physical agility of the competitors. The brothers finished 3rd, and ranked 8th overall.

Turpins is a devoted family man. He and his brother have worked together through the years, and he’s devoted to his success as a rally driver. He has used his social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to connect with fans around the world.

Despite lingering legal troubles involving the Heinz corporation, Terpins remains committed to his sport and his goal of dominance in the world of rally racing. Rodrigo Terpins is a front-running contender in the Bull Sertoes Rally, and he and his brother will continue to remain in the public eye. Keep an eye out for this dynamic duo, as they take to the driver’s seat and to the finish lines.

Talk Fusion Introduces New Software As Bob Reina Keeps Promise To Stay Ahead With Technology.

Anyone who knows and understands the ideas behind Bob Reina and his all in one video marketing company Talk Fusion already know that he has made a promise to stay on top of technology. For years Talk Fusion has been providing people with the highest quality all in one video marketing solution that is cutting edge and priced right. This system is so easy to use that everyone from a large corporation to a small business owner to a child can use the system to interact with their family, friends and business neighbors. Bob Reina is no stranger to making Talk Fusion user friendly and since the start of things he has made the system a no-brainer for business owners everywhere.


Talk Fusion offers a free trail that is free. There is no need to pull out your credit card to secure your free 30 day trail, just provide your email. The trial is not limited in any way either. You get the full access to the whole system and thanks to Bob Reina you are now going to get access to the all new technology known as WebRTC. Mr. Reina talked about this new technology in a recent interview. Bob spoke about the newest feature of Live Meetings that uses the WebRTC system. This is just another example of how Talk Fusion is always embracing technology to provide more services that users truly want and can use in their business.


So, what does Live Meetings do? Well, we are glad you ask. Live Meetings allows up to 15 hosts to present to 500 participants who link up with their tablet, smartphone or personal computer. This is a great way to share one way video presentations or host a conference that is video based. One thing that is truly awesome about this latest technology is that there is no need for a separate download or plug in software. Live Meetings has everything it needs to run with the use of that all new WebRTC system.


Bob Reina assured everyone that no similar technology can match with is currently being offered by WebRTC. He also said that he is committed to add this to every software application offered by Talk Fusion. This means greater technology for every user and increased capabilities that improve audio and video communication. Learn more:

Tony Petrello’s Charitable Endeavors

From time to time, the residents of Houston and the surrounding region of Texas have had an exceptional opportunity to single out some companies that cared for them. It was such a beautiful deed for the business that did not just focus on making profits but offering help to the local community as well. During the break of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 that hit Houston, several streets flooded, homes and properties destroyed and the supply became scarce because the available necessities could not satisfy the demand. As a result, several prominent businesses within Houston and beyond stepped up to help the community affected. Some of the companies comprised of the Nabors Industries, Houston Food Bank among many others.

On a typical day, the employees of Nabors Industries, a local drilling company would take some time off work to check on their health by embarking on workouts from the regional fitness center. Also, they would make some coffee at the Naborhood Café. More important is the culture in which the companies Chief Executive Officer called Tony Petrello has cultivated in which they would give back to the community. As a result, the company would participate in various community services such as fundraising as well as organize events. Tony Petrello is so passionate about this culture that he rewards his workers for offering such services. When Hurricane Harvey devastated the city, Nabors Industries workers were dispatched to provide essential relief services.


While studying in college, Tony Petrello met with Cynthia who became his wife. The duo lived together happily and carried out various acts of charity. Cynthia and Tony were so passionate about education that they devoted much of their time in the sector. The experience Tony went through when studying at Yale University was excellent as it prepared him for his future career. While in the institution, he would meet with Professor Serge Lang, a renowned author, and respected mathematician. Professor Lang became Tony’s mentor who positively impacted his life. However, it was unfortunate that the professor passed away recently and during his memorial service, Tony donated $150,000 to an endowment fund.

From Harvard School of Law, Tony acquired a J.D degree from Harvard University in addition to a BS degree in Mathematics from Yale University. In 1979, his career life began from Baker and McKenzie law firm. He served as the Managing partner in the same company between 1986 and 1991. Tony then joined the Nabors industries.

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