Aloah Construction, Illinois’s Premier Roofing and General Contractor

If you live in Illinois or southern Wisconsin and need a new roof or other repairs to your home, the people to call are Aloah Construction.


Northern Illinois has already this year had to deal with storms, high winds, and dangerous hail. This is the start of the roofing and siding season for Aloah Construction who will give the homeowner, whose home has been damaged by these storms, the help that they need to make their home safe and secure again.


In 2013 they were extremely happy to have completed 7000 projects, but this year they have 20,000 completed. In 2015 they opened a new office in Bloomington in order to serve Southern Illinois. The new location is now working just about as many projects and the Lake Zurich Office.


Aloha Construction also offers financing for your new roof or major repairs and offer a 10-year craftsmanship warranty and they are fully licensed and insured.

They are a trusted General Contracting Company throughout Illinois. Their services include Cedar Siding, Gutter Installation, Roof Waterproofing, Installation and repair of siding, installation, and repair of Soffit, Stucco Installation, Door and window installation as well as roofing insulation.


In 2016 Aloah Construction along with the National Roofing Contractors Association joined with the David Farbaky Foundation and Express Toys in launching the Construction Childhood Memories to give a family in need a shopping spree. They went to OMNI, an organization that helps youths in crisis to choose a family for this shopping spree. OMNI chose a single mother with four daughters who were struggling with poverty and depression.


Thanks to Aloha Construction, the David Farbaky Foundation, and OMNI these 4 girls were provided with large garbage bags, and 60 seconds each to grab as much as they could and were then surprised with another 30 seconds to get what they missed. At the end, each one had filled up to 10 bags that amounted to more than $7,000 when checked out.