Brian Bonar: A True Champion in Investments and Entrepreneurship

Brian Bonar, a San Diego-based investor and entrepreneur, is known for his forward and innovative thinking which helped him to earn the reputation as a champion businessman in all his ventures. He is known for providing customized solutions which are addressing the needs of various industries in their accounting, BPO, support, and staff requirements. To many of the industries, he is a problem solver and solution provider which are comprehensive and innovative.

Brian Bonar is known for end-to-end solutions including building design, development of design, procurement, and administration of the contract. He services are client-focused, and his portfolios include aviation, retail commercial, and multi-family housing.

Bonar’s dedicated services to the industry made him eligible for the Who’s Who Executive of The Year presented by The Cambridge for Finance. It should be noted that the recognition is given to two distinguished male and two female executives who could make innovation and total transformation of the industry they are working with.

The committee chooses the winners according to their accomplishments, academic achievements, and leadership skills. Bonar has more than four decades of experience in various industries from technology to finance. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation, where he takes care of providing innovative employee services solutions, aftermarket products, and employee benefits to various firms. Bonar guides the company by providing it assertive management and sales strategy.

He is also the Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc, a professional employee service company which is giving service to IT industry. Bonar is also the founder and managing member of AMS Outsourcing, a firm with PEO operations for various industries and companies.

As a person who is ready to put his knowledge applicable in every industry where possible and ready to work hard, Brian Bonar took up the leadership of Trucept Inc. as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the firm in 2011.

It is currently the market leader in providing temporary staffing solutions and insurance products to the companies in and around San Diego. Brian knows that being into a highly-competitive industry, he has to depend on quick decisions, creative thinking, and customized solutions.

Bonar started his career with IBM as a procurement manager and took care of the supervision of IBM PC’s motherboard outsourcing. Later, he joined QMS, an engineering firm, as Director of Engineering with direct responsibility for handling and leading a team of more than 100 software and hardware professionals.

In the coming years, he worked with a number of firms such as Rastek Corporation, Adaptec, Bezier Systems, Itec Imaging Technologies, and Allegiant Professional Business Services. Bonar completed Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and continued his studies and secured Master’s from Stafford University before starting his high-value career.