Doe Deere’s Success As a Makeup Entrepreneur

Lime Crime makeup company is becoming more of a well known brand in the world of beauty products. Those who follow the latest beauty products craze or have a keen interest in beauty vloggers likely have heard of Lime Crime and were inspired to buy some of the colorful hues of the company. The draw of Lime Crime is the myriad of colors available. Not as many people know that much about the Lime Crime founder. Once you start learning more about her, it is easy to see that she is just as colorful and interesting as her makeup brand. Doe Deere created the Lime Crime makeup company in 2008 deliberately to sell brightly colored and highly pigmented makeup products to a market of consumers who seem to be fascinated with these types of colorful products.


Doe Deere has long worked as an entrepreneur. She has sold novelty tattoos, music, and her fashion designs. This past experience helped her out with starting her makeup company and to make it a successful venture. Having past experience with entrepreneur work makes it easier to start selling a new product or service.


Doe Deere has always worn very brightly colored makeup or fun makeup. She would go out on stage, in public, and in photoshoots for her fashion designs in bright stage makeup. She noted how many people commented to her on how much they liked her makeup. The attention people had for the brightly colored makeup she wore made her realize this was a great business opportunity for her to pursue. She started off the Lime Crime company with her husband and plenty of creative ideas. The couple worked together to create the first Lime Crime lip colors. Their hard work paid off, as now Lime Crime is quite successful.


Doe Deere regularly keeps her Instagram and Facebook profiles active. If you want to hear what’s going on with her and Lime Crime, you can opt to follow Doe Deere and Lime Crime’s social media pages. Doe Deere’s Instagram is @DoeDeere. Lime Crime is on Instagram as @limecrimemakeup. Doe Deere is listed on Facebook as Doe Deere. Lime Crime is on Facebook as Lime Crime Cosmetics Store.