Brian Torchin And HCRC Staffing Solutions

With a bachelors degree in exercise science from the University of Delaware and from the New York Chiropractor College, Brian Torchin found himself working for many years as a chiropractor. It was while doing this that he noticed a need in the health care field, one that would connect medical offices with people who are qualified to best fill those positions.

This was the very beginning of HCRC, or Health Care Recruitment Counselors, which provides a number of services to bridge the gap between the potential employee and the employer.

With his experience in staffing, opening, and managing many medical offices over the years, Brian Torchin has gained the knowledge to provide staffing solutions to chiropractor offices, dentists and medical practitioners. To the job seekers out there, HCRC provides services such as job counseling, which will help you to find the specialty that is best suited for you. The job placement program allows for employers to fill positions with qualified personnel as soon as a position becomes available.

The employees are extensively vetted by HCRC to be sure that the clients are receiving the best candidates available. By lining up interviews and providing support, Brian’s goal is to help every professional get placed in a position and they will have a much higher chance when partnered with HCRC.

Further proof of Brian Bonar dedication to his work can be found on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, where he is always posting new available positions that can be applied for today. For more information on HCRC or Brian Torchin.