Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend among Borrowers

Equities First provides compelling solutions to startups and individuals with high equities seeking for non-purpose capital. The company has some expertise in modern products to supply liquidity successfully at the best terms through a trustworthy and secured process. The Equities First exceptional approach to manage non-reason financing has conveyed more than 625 trades. The reliable alternative lending platform has attracted a huge number of clients with the services coming with low interest rates and greater loan to value proportions compared to traditional services. Equities First inclusively operates in different continents with some of the offices based in Singapore, Perth, Sydney, London, Hong Kong and Bangkok. The company is committed to offer modern financing products that are customized to meet startups and individual needs.

Equities First is a global moneylender and leader in alternative shareholder finance products. The services are witnessing more trades in stock and margin loans in a situation where banking institutions and various establishments have tightened their lending terms leave alone increasing interest rates. For borrowers seeking to get capital quickly or who cannot meet the requirements of credit-based loans, Equities First equities loaning has become a better alternative. While there are possibilities for these individuals, currently many banks have declined their loaning decisions for borrowers, increased interest rates and tightened their lending rules & regulations. Al Christy, Jr., the Founder & CEO of Equities First, saw loans collateralized by stocks as inventive lending alternative for individuals searching for working capital. Stock-based advances regularly have a more prominent loan-to-value proportion contrasted with traditional lending products and more information click here.

In the midst of a typical three-year credit term, change in market is unavoidable, yet stock-based loans provide a support with the borrower being vulnerable to few risks. In addition, the Equities First stock-based loans are non-recourse permitting borrowers to leave the process of reimbursement at their own pleasure. Hence, when unavoidable circumstances arise, borrowers can choose to keep their money as the firm retains their stock while others can still choose to pay their full amount and the company pays back their security. Equities First Holdings has changed the lives of many individuals and what’s to come is splendid.

James Dondero and his Success

For individuals that are looking for the best investment opportunities that come with not only a high rate of return, but also a low risk factor, one investment firm to look at is the Highland Capital Management firm, an investment firm that is dedicated to finding the tailored needs of every single client. The Highland Capital Management investment firm was officially founded in 1993 by James Dondero, an expert within this industry who has over 30 years of financial planning experience. What makes this individual so unique is his dedication to the client and the partnership that he forms with those that seek out advice from Mr. Dondero. James Dondero is not only the current President of the company, but he also continues to be heavily involved with the investment decisions of the company. As an investment firm in Dallas, this has become the perfect location for many international investment deals.

James has proved himself to be an innovative businessman over the years who has made countless effort to put his investment firm at the top. One example is the business buying some of the debt of Argentina. This decision reintroduced Argentina back to the international bonds market and has proven to be beneficial for the global economy and for the investors.

As a heavy investor and as a financial planner, James Dondero shown himself to be a philanthropist who is dedicated to building the community of Dallas, a community that he loves so much. In recent news, James Dondero has asked Linda Owen to join the Highland Capital Management team in order to help give back to some of the most worthy organizations within the Dallas community. With a strong philanthropic background, James Dondero is excited to continue to work with Linda Owen because like him, she is passionate about helping the community that she knows and loves.

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Kenneth Goodgame is a brilliant business leader

Finding a brilliant leader for your company is vital to future success. Without the right leadership, your company will eventually fail. Many major companies spend millions each year to recruit the best possible leaders. There are millions of workers that consider themselves to be brilliant leaders, but there are relatively few proven leaders. Kenneth Goodgame is one of the brightest names in the business world, and his accomplishments speak for themselves.

Kenneth started his career by receiving a degree in marketing from the Univeristy of Tennesse. After graduating from Tennessee, Kenneth was hired by the Home Depot. He started as product merchant for the indoor garden category. Kenneth turned that department around, increasing same-store sales by 20%. Kenneth spent eight years with the company and he excelled throughout his time there. Eventually, Kenneth became a Senior Product Merchant. Kenneth made a lasting impact at The Home Depot, but in 2002 he was ready for a new challenge.

Kenneth took a job with Newell Rubbermaid in early 2002. He started his career with Rubbermaid as the President of Rubbermaid Cleaning. He quickly turned the failing department around and started working his way up the ladder. Eventually, Kenneth became a Senior Vice President with the company. He left a major legacy behind with the company.

In 2008, Kenneth started working with Techtronic Industries. He was president of the Baja Motorsports departments and the Factory Outlets department. He helped open more stores around the country, eventually leading to a major increase in sales for the company.

Kenneth enjoyed his time with Technotronic, but eventually he wanted to go back to the hardware industry. He joined Ace Hardware as a General Merchandising Manager in 2010. He helped completely overhaul the merchandising strategy for Ace Hardware, and he eventually landed a job with True Value.

Kenneth Goodgame is a brilliant leader and his leadership is highly valued within the business community. Kenneth is sure to have many more years of success within the industry.

Eric Pulier’s Success Journey

Eric Pulier has an impressive career that young entrepreneurs should copy. Eric Pulier is a stellar example of the great minds in the technological industry. Apart from being a technologist, Mr. Pulier is an established entrepreneur, public speaker, published author and a benevolent philanthropist. All these achievements are a result of his hard work and resilience.

Mr. Pulier is known as one of the top and most successful entrepreneurs in enterprise technology and government. He has founded and cofounded several ventures and is well-known for turning an idea into a fully-fledged company. Pulier has raised millions of dollars in his young life to assist launch early, and seed staged startup firms. The firms that Mr. Pulier has founded or co-founded have been financed by renowned venture capital groups in the world. These include Enterprise Professional Services (US Interactive), service oriented infrastructure (SOA Software), virtual desktops (Desktone) and rich media presentation (MediaPlatform). Startup companies have relied on his support as one of the leading angel investors of his generation.

As a pioneer in the software and digital interactive industries for over 15 years, Pulier has focused on founding and co-founding technology-related companies. The first company he founded was People Doing Things (PDT), back in 1991 in Los Angeles. The company addresses education, health care, and other issues by use of technology. He later founded interactive agency Digital Evolution in 1994. Eric has founded and co-founded other companies such as Akan which was formerly known as SOA Software, Media Platform, Inc., ServiceMesh, Inc. and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council among others. Mr. Pulier has also worked for XPRIZE as its Innovation Board member from 2010 to 2013. Eric Pulier is now the founder and Chief Executive Officer of vAtomic Systems. Inc.

Eric Pulier completed his high school education in 1984 and later went to Harvard University where he graduated magna cum laude in 1988. He also studied English and Literature, Visual & Environmental Studies and Computer Science during his collegiate career.

All You Need to Know About John Goullet

Diversant Liability is a company based in the United States. One of the principles of the institution is John Goullet. John is a well- known and respected individual in the country. He is a serial businessman who has started many companies that have done well. He has a special interest for the Information Technology department.

After completing his education several years ago, John Goullet first position was as an IT consultant. He worked in this department for some time, before he decided to become an executive information technology executive. While in these two positions, Goullet worked hard, and his contributions in the industry have earned him the respect of many people.

After becoming an IT executive, John gained a lot of experience, and in 1994, he was able to start his own private company. He named the company, Info Technologies, and he was working as the Chief Executive Officer. When starting the company, John had one objective in mind: to understand what the corporate world needed when getting information technology staff. The institution helped different companies to get the employees they needed in the IT department. Because he had acquired a lot of experience in the industry, it was easy for him to match companies and IT staff according to their personalities, work style and skills. Info Technologies is believed to be the institution offering technology solutions to Fortune companies.

When starting Info Technologies, Goullet did not have enough resources, but he managed to grow a big successful company that has transformed the information technology industry. In just five years, Info Technologies was worth over thirty million dollars. Info Technologies was once ranked as one of the best rising private institutions in the United States. The ranking was done by the Inc. Magazine.

In 2010, Info Technologies decided to merge with Diversant, forming a new institution known as DIVERSANT LCC. Today, the company is believed to be the largest and best staffing IT staffing companies in the US.

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