How End Citizens United is Planning to Fight Big Money During 2018 Midterm Elections

In May 2017, End Citizens United announced it has endorsed a team of 17 candidates who will advocate for reforms in the finance industry across ten states. ECU plans to connect those candidates with its network of over three million members, and work together in order to fight the presence of Big Money in the political arena. According to Tiffany Muller, President and Executive Director of End Citizens United, the candidates appointed have proven track records of championing against Washington’s rigged system, and also eliminating completely Big Money from politics.


ECU is in the forefront to ensure reform champions are elected to Congress, and it was among the first groups that endorsed the candidature of both Rob Quist and Jon Ossoff. End Citizens United members contributed over $1 million in support of Jon Ossoff candidature. The House endorsement of the 17 reform champions came after a month long grassroots campaign. In April, ECU announced it was targeting to raise about $35b million for next year’s cycle, particularly through small donations. The 2018 contribution is expected to surpass the amount raised in 2016 ($25 million).


Role of End Citizens United’s in Political Scenes


ECU is a group that is focused on eliminated Big Money from American politics. During 2018 midterm elections, the group is projecting to have raised $35 million, according to information released to USA TODAY. During the first three months of 2017, approximately 100,000 individuals contributed over $4 million. According to Tiffany Muller, 40,000 individuals contributed for the first time. The executives of the group aim to have members of the Congress elected from finance reform champions. Muller continued to explain that on average, each member has contributed $12 this year. Donors of End Citizens United believe there is no transparency, where individuals who are able to give big checks get bigger say.


The executive further said the Democrats are furious for losing presidential election in 2016, and are preparing to fight back against President Trump’s nominees, especially Judge Neil Gorsuch, the Supreme Court nominee. In recent months, ECU’s political committee has been encouraging its members to contribute $500,000 to support election of Democrat candidate Jon Oss, to try his political ambitions for the first time in Georgia.


End Citizen United functions as a traditional PAC and is not supposed to accept contributions of more than $5,000 from an individual contributor. ECU spokesperson Adam Bozzi, said the group has created strong ties with other finance groups. For instance, the group collaborated with more than 20 groups to support rejection of Betsy DeVos nomination as secretary of education. Although some Republican Senators had received funding through her family, the results of the vote was 50-50, and VP Pence had to cast his vote for her confirmation.