Securus Technologies Has An Impressive Background In Inmate Calling

Securus Technologies has built their reputation as s leading inmate monitoring, and surveillance network. Government regulations require inmate providers to be audited for accuracies, or the protection of the general public. They have proudly served the industry for over 25+ years, and have been responsible for auditing big names like Global Tel-link, and IC Solutions. Corporate example, during a successful fourth quarter audit by Securus Technologies there were very few inaccuracies found in the Global Tel-Link network. They soon began one of the fastest growing inmate calling networks in the industry with CEO, and president, Richard Smith.


Their new calling features offer the top services in the industry at a very affordable price. Securus is ready to meet the demand in a complex inmate calling network. If you’re eighteen years of age, or older, and have a valid payment method, Securus takes the guesswork out of inmate calling with a hassle-free experience. They proudly employ over 16,000+ IT professionals with the highest standard of customer service, security, and monitoring. They have recently received a prestigious award for their high level of customer service excellence in the industry. They have exceeded customer expectations in a competitive inmate calling network.


Securus Technologies Features


Packaging Services


Securus is working to bring their customers a packaging services feature. Inmates will be able to order the top food brands, electronics, and services from Securus Technologies. Their most popular feature is access to their tablet; allowing inmates to download games, receive facility approved photos, and have access to remote visitation.


Remote Visitation


You can visit the ones you love over the internet with high definition resolution, and sound. Customers can also control the sound with a few onscreen modules.


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Securus Technologies – The Company That Is Transforming The Correctional Space Singlehandedly

In the world of prison telecommunications, criminal justice, and crime prevention technology, one company that has made a tremendous impact in the lives of inmates and equipped law enforcement agencies with superior technology is Securus Technologies. The company has worked relentlessly over the years to provide highly sophisticated yet convenient technology to the correctional agencies to help prisoners stay connected to their families and friends.

Staying away from friends and families in an isolated environment is a traumatic and stressful experience for anyone, and it is why Securus Technologies continues to innovate and develop new ways to help prisoners stay in touch with their families. One of the recent technologies they introduced is of video visitation, which apart from talking also allows the inmates to watch their family.

The company has won many awards over the years in the field of prison telecommunication and criminal justice as well, including the Gold Stevie Awards for the customer service training. The company recently gave an open invitation in a press release to all the potential investors, existing and prospective clients to visit its Technology Center in Dallas, Texas, which is one of its kind and highly advanced in the field of prison telecommunication. The company continues to upgrade its facility and infrastructure to stay ahead of the competition.

As a customer myself, I can say that the corporation is dedicated to serving its clients with full honesty. The fact that it won Gold Stevie Awards for the best customer service training team only goes on to prove it. I have used the prepaid calling card and the voicemail messaging services offered by the company to stay in touch with my husband in jail, and it serves me well. It has helped my relationship and ensured that we survive the tough phase we are going through without any major issue between us. I can’t thank Securus Technologies enough for all that they do modernize and better the field of correctional facilities.

Securus Technologies, Inc. to Acquire JPay, Inc.

Securus Technologies, for a long time, has admired the services and corporate value of Jpay. For this reason, they have developed a proportion to have the two companies unite as a team to provide the best force of good in the business. This is the biggest form of digitized payments. Jpay also works to offer services in entertainment, communication, and education sectors to the correctional market.


Securus Technologies, in an announcement made this past week, they have signed a stock agreement purchase form to allow them to purchase Jpay as one of their best companies in the United States serving the correctional market. For Securus Technologies, nothing gives them more honor than to unite with the best company offering services like digital payments in the correctional space. According to the state records with the Forbes Magazine, Jpay has more than 33 state prison facilities which receive their services through the provision of entertainment, communication, digital payments, and emails in the country.


According to the company, this transaction thrusts Securus Technologies to become one of the fastest-growing businesses in the United States. For this reason, they acquired Jpay to take care of their inorganic growth in business and service provision in the country as a way that demonstrates excellence. Rick Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, said that the company will now offer anything related to technology and software to the correction space through this acquisition.


For a long time, Securus has admired the services offered by Jpay. Therefore, they have been longing for an opportunity to have the two companies partner in the closest bonds of all. This acquisition demonstrates that Securus is one of the leading companies in the addition forum. It is committed to serve their clients with the highest technology and product innovation in the United States. Jpay, in the industry, remains an innovative force.



Securus Technologies Improves Safety

At Securus Technologies, they are all about the public’s safety, and they prove it on a daily basis. This company is always involved in making the world a safer place to live in, and right now they are working with correction facilities in order to prevent and solve crimes, even if they are occurring between the inmates that are housed inside them. They use all of their latest techniques and technologies to complete the job at hand.


In an effort to let the public know what they do, they published an article. This article explains their company, and their mission to make the world safer. In the article, people can read comments that are made by officials at various correction facilities that the company has completed work for. The presentation will definitely be interesting and exciting for the visitors that decide to attend.


At the company, Securus Technology, all the employees are dedicated to what they do. They have missions to complete, and they are experts at what they do. There are companies all over the nation that require their special talents, and the world respects them for what they do. The government is also asking them to complete more missions for them. When dealing with prisoners numbering in the millions, they use such techniques as investigations, incident management, videos and a lot more. There is no end to their ingenuity and expertise in the field of public safety. Every week, they create new ways to solve and prevent civil and criminal crimes. They are all about making the world a better place, and having them at the helm will ensure that this happens on a regular basis.



International Certification 1 & 2 Contributes To The Growth Of Securus Technologies

Certification 1 is the process of trying to provide international inmate calling on a global scale by Securus Technologies. They have partnered with successful BICSI to expand the growth of inmate calling worldwide. They are glad to announce that they will be offering many new features in an article in PRN Newswire concerning the progress of their acquisition. For a limited time customers in Louisiana will receive free calls to their loves ones. When you’re looking for a secure network you want to become a member of Securus Technologies and save less on your inmate calls.

Vimeo has become a part of the Securus Technologies team to offer their customers an exciting video chat feature that keeps you in complete control. They are bridging the gap between traditional inmate calls with an operator versus having a reliable network that cuts out the middle man. In fact, JPay services has decided to contribute to the fastest growing inmate calling network in the industry by lending their services. You have the option of speaking to a friendly telephone or online representative for more details about becoming a member or opening up an account. Securus Offers

Video Chat

Now you can talk to your loved ones face-to-face over the internet. Best of all, Securus Technologies will allow select inmates to visit their loved ones with the video chat feature.

Inmate Voicemail

Inmates have a personalized telephone feature that allows them to receive messages. Let an inmate know you care when you want to by leaving them a message for them to retrieve at a later time.

Advanced Pay

Pay for prepaid credits by paying for them in advanced with the Advanced Pay Program by Securus Technologies.