Vijay Eswaran Excels With QI Group

Vijay serves as the executive chairperson of the successful QI Group. The executive was born over five decades ago. The alumnus of the Southern Illinois University and London School of Economics graduated with an MBA and an undergraduate degree in socio-economics respectively.

In the UK, he obtained CIMA certification. While he was in the United States pursuing his MBA, he was working part-time. One day, one of his friends talked to him about the benefits of multi-level marketing (MLM). Vijay developed much interest in the direct selling business. Read more: Vijay Eswaran – Philanthropies and Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

After staying and working abroad for long, he decided to return to Malaysia. Upon arrival, he secured a well-paying job at a renowned MLM company, Cosway’s. During the 90s, Asia was feeling the effects of the economic crisis. He contends that he did not have adequate capital and friends.

Vijay Eswaran said that they managed to make it through the harsh conditions. With the passage of time, he met with like-minded partners. In 1998, Vijay and Joseph Bismark partnered to incorporate QI Group. The company has been investing in telecommunication, logistics, luxury, lifestyle, education and training, management of conferences and property development.

Besides having regional offices in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Malaysia, QI Group has established operations in more than 30 nations. The company has been able to market its products and services to different countries courtesy of its wide range of subsidiaries.

In addition, Vijay is a well-respected motivational speaker. For many years, he has delivered inspiring speeches and lectures around the globe. His message has been focusing on spirituality and business. Vijay’s audiences have included leadership forums and institutions of higher learning.

In order to reach many people, the best-selling author has been writing different books. Vijay has published “In the Sphere of Silence.” This book has been translated into different languages considering that it talks about life management. Eswaran has also written “In the Thinking Zone,” “18 Stepping Stones” and “On the Wings of Thought.”

Owing to his vast management experience, different organizations have appointed him to serve on their boards. In the past, he has rendered his services as the chairman of the renowned Council of the Quest International University of Malaysia. Presently, he sits on the advisory board of Corporate Malaysia Roundtable and Global Business Council.