The New Weekly Show Being Hosted By Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi is going to host a live show that will be called Sunday Housecall. It will be on current healthcare issues and feature several medical stories too. The show will provide tips to people so that they can stay healthier.

Due to all these reasons, Sunday Housecall will be a big hit as it will be gaining more audience each week. There will be several health experts invited by Dr. David Samadi. They will be making a guest appearance on this show. There will be discussions on both mental as well as physical health issues. Even nutrition and exercise will be discussed here. The viewers can ask questions as Dr. David Samadi will be accepting calls during these live broadcasts. Either Dr. Samadi or his health specialists will be answering these questions from callers. There will be a specific topic for each show. This can be related to women’s health or men’s health or prevention of diseases or sexual health. In this way, a wide range of information will be provided to women.

Dr. David Samadi along with his brother belongs to Iran. They fled the country to escape the Iranian Revolution. Dr. David Samadi attended schools in Belgium, the United States, and London before going to college. He received a full scholarship for going to college as he had made huge attempts to succeed in escaping from devastation. He attended the Stony Brook University and received his graduate degree in biochemistry. Then he joined the Stony Brook University School of Medicine and became a doctor in 1994.

Dr. David Samadi did additional training at Montefiore Medical Center. He studied proctology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He did his fellowship in oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering. He is known for being a promising urologist.

His focus has been on urology as well as cancer treatment. His specialties include kidney, bladder, and prostate cancer. He believes in innovative thinking. He likes to focus on the individual needs of his patients. Hence Dr. David Samadi is considered as being a committed specialist in cancer treatment. He has helped patients by providing them unique ways to treat their cancer in an effective manner. He likes to use innovative ways of treating cancer without making the use of invasive methods. In this way, recovery time post-surgery gets reduced in a big way. Even the infection rates in patients tend to come down.