Crystal Hunt: Award Winning Actress

Born in 1985, Crystal Hunt is an award-winning, Emmy-nominated actress, and producer. She has had numerous on-screen appearances in programs such as Guiding Light, One Life to Live and Queens of Drama. Hunt has also helped produce a movie titled, ‘Talbot County’. In addition to all this, she has owned a local business in her hometown of Clearwater, Florida.

Her entry to stardom began in 2003 when she played misguided and confused teenager Lizzie Spaulding on the CBS primetime series Guiding Light. Guiding Light is a soap opera drama that aired on CBS from 1952 to 2009. In the show, Lizzie Spaulding is born into a wealthy family, but her parents struggle with divorce. In addition to this, the show is full of many plots twists and drama for the character.

Just as important as Guiding Light, Crystal Hunt has also made an appearance on ‘One Life To Live”, playing the character Stacy Morasco. One Life to Live is a soap opera drama that aired on ABC for more than 43 years. The show is based in the fictional town of Llanview, Pennsylvania. Llanview is a town ripe with drama as the areas three most prominent families struggle with their internal affairs. Another appearance Hunt has made was in the movie 23 Blast. This film is based on a true story about a high-school football player who suddenly becomes blind. After learning that he is blind, he decides to do whatever it takes to continue playing football.

Acting is not all that Crystal Hunt is known for, as her Facebook fans point out. She was the executive producer in a film title ‘Talbot County’. Talbot County is a Hitchcock type Horror film featuring six college students.  This scenario forces the students to learn of the very real consequences that can occur beyond the classroom.

In all, Crystal Hunt is a prominent actress, producer, and entrepreneur. Currently about 31 years of age, Crystal Hunt continues acting today. Crystal has most recently made appearances on the Queens of Drama television series.

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