Doe Deere – article recap

Doe Deere is the type of woman that would stand out in any crowd. The pastel haired beauty is known for her outrageous style and the unconventional way that she achieved success. Her journey is something that a lot of young women admire and would like to emulate. Doe Deere is the founder of the Lime Crime cosmetic company. The company is one of the most successful e-commerce beauty sites online. Doe Deere recently described her unconventional road to success in a very revealing interview. Here is more on the subject.


Follow Your Dreams

Doe Deere is one individual that believes one should follow their dreams. She strongly believes that given the opportunity, everyone is able to follow their dreams and make them a reality. Doe Deere was born in Russia, but moved to the United States during her late teens. She settled in New York City and decided to follow her dream to join the music industry. Deere shares that her life as a musician was very educational. She learned about marketing, attracting attention, and really appreciating the people that took the time out of their life to watch her performance. Certainly, her initial dream was to become a musician. However, her dream led her to even bigger success starting a makeup company.


American Dreams

Doe Deere settled in New York and lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Those were very formative years that taught her a lot about life and really pursuing your dreams. Those early years helped to form the successful person that we see today. Doe Deere looks favorably on those days. She was living her dream, playing in a wonderful band. Furthermore, she met her husband during that time, and they were playing in the band together. They learned that they were a great team. Today, they work together managing Lime Crime makeup company.


Why Lime Crime

Doe Deere relates that she was always a bit different than the other girls. She was always attracted to wild and bold colors, but couldn’t find those colors anywhere in the makeup market. Consequently, she decided to start her own makeup company featuring those bold, wild, and imaginative colors. She believes that the makeup line is a true statement of her success and individuality. Deere also believes that there are a lot of people that are attracted to those Lime Crime colors because it is a way to express their individuality. Doe Deere reveals that one big dream led to another big dream and her ultimate success with Lime Crime.