Eric Pulier’s Success Journey

Eric Pulier has an impressive career that young entrepreneurs should copy. Eric Pulier is a stellar example of the great minds in the technological industry. Apart from being a technologist, Mr. Pulier is an established entrepreneur, public speaker, published author and a benevolent philanthropist. All these achievements are a result of his hard work and resilience.

Mr. Pulier is known as one of the top and most successful entrepreneurs in enterprise technology and government. He has founded and cofounded several ventures and is well-known for turning an idea into a fully-fledged company. Pulier has raised millions of dollars in his young life to assist launch early, and seed staged startup firms. The firms that Mr. Pulier has founded or co-founded have been financed by renowned venture capital groups in the world. These include Enterprise Professional Services (US Interactive), service oriented infrastructure (SOA Software), virtual desktops (Desktone) and rich media presentation (MediaPlatform). Startup companies have relied on his support as one of the leading angel investors of his generation.

As a pioneer in the software and digital interactive industries for over 15 years, Pulier has focused on founding and co-founding technology-related companies. The first company he founded was People Doing Things (PDT), back in 1991 in Los Angeles. The company addresses education, health care, and other issues by use of technology. He later founded interactive agency Digital Evolution in 1994. Eric has founded and co-founded other companies such as Akan which was formerly known as SOA Software, Media Platform, Inc., ServiceMesh, Inc. and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council among others. Mr. Pulier has also worked for XPRIZE as its Innovation Board member from 2010 to 2013. Eric Pulier is now the founder and Chief Executive Officer of vAtomic Systems. Inc.

Eric Pulier completed his high school education in 1984 and later went to Harvard University where he graduated magna cum laude in 1988. He also studied English and Literature, Visual & Environmental Studies and Computer Science during his collegiate career.

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  1. As a philanthropist, Pulier has donated to many causes such as the Starlight Foundation. Mr. Pulier built the foundation to help kids suffering from chronic illness interact with each other. It is likely that the best essay could have resolved this for a very long time too.

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