How Tammy Mazzocco’s Work Principles have been Instrumental in Shaping her Professional Real Estate Career

Tammy Mazzocco is an experienced real estate developer based in Ohio. She also works with The Edwards Realty Company, an established commercial real estate firm, as a secretary. Tammy believes that professional excellence relies on the ability of a person to set goals and dissect them into realistic objectives. Check out for the details.

Career Background of Tammy

Prior to joining The Edwards Realty Company, Tammy Mazzocco was licensed as a realtor in 1995. Ken Cook was her mentor at the start of her commercial real estate career. Ken is an experienced realtor who urged Tammy to get accredited. Tammy served in the condominium management department of Scotland Yard, which was managed by Ken for seven years.

She later joined T&R Properties and worked as the property manager of an office warehouse complex and two apartment complexes. In 1998, Tammy was honored to serve as a licensed personal assistant for Joe Ameni. Joe is a renowned RE/MAX producer based in Victoria Village, CA. Tammy was inspired by Joe to pursue a full-time real estate career, for more details about her visit Ideamensch.

Judy Gang & Associates, a real estate firm headquartered in Ohio, hired her as an agent in 2000. Judy Gang, the managing partner of the company, was the mentor to Tammy as she worked in the firm. Courtesy of the inspiration and experience she earned from the enterprise, Tammy decided to focus on advancing her professional career. She currently sells residential properties based in Ohio counties that include Franklin, Fairfield, Delaware, and Licking.

Work Principles

Tammy Mazzocco is also a true believer of meditation. She prefers starting her mornings by meditating and light stretching. At the office, she usually begins her work with the most important tasks before reading her emails. In addition to meditation, Tammy usually engages herself in brainstorming when conceptualizing ideas. After gathering ideas from the process, she prefers to conduct research and develop a business plan based on the ideas.

In the corporate world, one trend that excites Tammy is the live communication approach adopted by companies. Throughout her career as a realtor, she relied on face to face meetings with clients to make sales. She believes that this strategy is better than phone conversations because clients get to learn more about the agent and company dealing with a particular property. She advises budding agents to focus on quality customer service rather than the commission that comes after the sale of a real estate property.

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