International Certification 1 & 2 Contributes To The Growth Of Securus Technologies

Certification 1 is the process of trying to provide international inmate calling on a global scale by Securus Technologies. They have partnered with successful BICSI to expand the growth of inmate calling worldwide. They are glad to announce that they will be offering many new features in an article in PRN Newswire concerning the progress of their acquisition. For a limited time customers in Louisiana will receive free calls to their loves ones. When you’re looking for a secure network you want to become a member of Securus Technologies and save less on your inmate calls.

Vimeo has become a part of the Securus Technologies team to offer their customers an exciting video chat feature that keeps you in complete control. They are bridging the gap between traditional inmate calls with an operator versus having a reliable network that cuts out the middle man. In fact, JPay services has decided to contribute to the fastest growing inmate calling network in the industry by lending their services. You have the option of speaking to a friendly telephone or online representative for more details about becoming a member or opening up an account. Securus Offers

Video Chat

Now you can talk to your loved ones face-to-face over the internet. Best of all, Securus Technologies will allow select inmates to visit their loved ones with the video chat feature.

Inmate Voicemail

Inmates have a personalized telephone feature that allows them to receive messages. Let an inmate know you care when you want to by leaving them a message for them to retrieve at a later time.

Advanced Pay

Pay for prepaid credits by paying for them in advanced with the Advanced Pay Program by Securus Technologies.

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