James Dondero and his Success

For individuals that are looking for the best investment opportunities that come with not only a high rate of return, but also a low risk factor, one investment firm to look at is the Highland Capital Management firm, an investment firm that is dedicated to finding the tailored needs of every single client. The Highland Capital Management investment firm was officially founded in 1993 by James Dondero, an expert within this industry who has over 30 years of financial planning experience. What makes this individual so unique is his dedication to the client and the partnership that he forms with those that seek out advice from Mr. Dondero. James Dondero is not only the current President of the company, but he also continues to be heavily involved with the investment decisions of the company. As an investment firm in Dallas, this has become the perfect location for many international investment deals.

James has proved himself to be an innovative businessman over the years who has made countless effort to put his investment firm at the top. One example is the business buying some of the debt of Argentina. This decision reintroduced Argentina back to the international bonds market and has proven to be beneficial for the global economy and for the investors.

As a heavy investor and as a financial planner, James Dondero shown himself to be a philanthropist who is dedicated to building the community of Dallas, a community that he loves so much. In recent news, James Dondero has asked Linda Owen to join the Highland Capital Management team in order to help give back to some of the most worthy organizations within the Dallas community. With a strong philanthropic background, James Dondero is excited to continue to work with Linda Owen because like him, she is passionate about helping the community that she knows and loves.

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