Sawyer Howitt and the Meriwether Effect

Looking to start up your own business and not sure exactly how to do it? Do not fear, The Meriwether Group is here for any entrepreneur that needs help. Sawyer Howitt, a young project manager at Meriwether, is ready to make your business survives even if it looks like it will fail. The Meriwether Group is an amazing firm founded by his father, David Howitt, alongside a small team of experienced executives that specialize in assisting entrepreneurs of all types of business brands in realizing their goals to becoming a successful and striving business. They provide and present strategies to accelerate businesses into a much grander scale.

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Meriwether approach you with a step by step business model and effective strategies that will lay the groundwork for your business. They will coach you in many areas such as marketing, distribution, or consumer interaction. Not only that, but as well raising money that can be utilized by your business. They will guide you on how to approach investors and making sure everything goes smoothly. At the end of the day, Meriwether’s passion in helping every client will not stop until the job is done and their business can stand by itself.

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