Talk Fusion Introduces New Software As Bob Reina Keeps Promise To Stay Ahead With Technology.

Anyone who knows and understands the ideas behind Bob Reina and his all in one video marketing company Talk Fusion already know that he has made a promise to stay on top of technology. For years Talk Fusion has been providing people with the highest quality all in one video marketing solution that is cutting edge and priced right. This system is so easy to use that everyone from a large corporation to a small business owner to a child can use the system to interact with their family, friends and business neighbors. Bob Reina is no stranger to making Talk Fusion user friendly and since the start of things he has made the system a no-brainer for business owners everywhere.


Talk Fusion offers a free trail that is free. There is no need to pull out your credit card to secure your free 30 day trail, just provide your email. The trial is not limited in any way either. You get the full access to the whole system and thanks to Bob Reina you are now going to get access to the all new technology known as WebRTC. Mr. Reina talked about this new technology in a recent interview. Bob spoke about the newest feature of Live Meetings that uses the WebRTC system. This is just another example of how Talk Fusion is always embracing technology to provide more services that users truly want and can use in their business.


So, what does Live Meetings do? Well, we are glad you ask. Live Meetings allows up to 15 hosts to present to 500 participants who link up with their tablet, smartphone or personal computer. This is a great way to share one way video presentations or host a conference that is video based. One thing that is truly awesome about this latest technology is that there is no need for a separate download or plug in software. Live Meetings has everything it needs to run with the use of that all new WebRTC system.


Bob Reina assured everyone that no similar technology can match with is currently being offered by WebRTC. He also said that he is committed to add this to every software application offered by Talk Fusion. This means greater technology for every user and increased capabilities that improve audio and video communication. Learn more: