Texas Investment Firm Provides Financial Advice to Clients

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions provides investment advice to clients in Austin, Texas. He and his firm are fully registered to provide a comprehensive solution to clients investing and money management. Richard is a Retirement Income Certified Professional and started Wealth Solutions in 1994. He has over 20 years experience in the field and a love of financial planning.

Richard graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Finance and Financial Management Services. He established Wealth Solutions with the aim to truly help people save and invest for retirement.

He educates clients on investment decisions in order to help them with this very important goal. His love of education comes from his wife, mother, and grandmother all being teachers. He works with individuals, families, and small businesses so that they can obtain their financial goals.

He has built Wealth Solutions with a three pillar approach. The first pillar is built around helping each client design a financial plan, or roadmap. This identifies such things as what their goals are, how tolerant they are to risk, and where growth opportunities may lay. The second pillar is to lay out a long term strategy for each individual client.

According to Intelius, in this stage Richard Blair Wealth Solutios manages their funds through reallocation in order to obtain the best possible outcome, and reducing the impacts during negative market times. Lastly the third pillar addresses the clients insurance needs. This includes annuities, long-term care, and life insurance.

Financial markets face constant change. Due to this Richard believes that financial strategies also need to be adaptable to the ever changing marketd. The strategies implemented seek to help clients participate when the markets go up while minimizing the risks involved.

This can involve reallocating between US stocks, international developed markets, developing markets, bonds, and cash as needed. Reallocation is also needed as a client gets older and so their portfolio needs to get more conservative as they approach and are in retirement.

Wealth Solutions has now successfully grown to 7 employees. Over time Richard has broadened his knowledge and experience as it relates to investing. He offers clients unbiased and objective advice in order to best meet their needs.

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