Wen by Chaz Tested by Emily McClure in Bustle

WEN has a product that claims to shampoo, clean and condition hair and even offers regenerative growth to hair follicles. It is a single product that claims to do it all. These claims are to be tested by a beauty stylist who decided to put the product to the test. Emily McClure took on the week long project and wrote the article for Bustle; taking Twitter selfies showcasing her hair during the test period. McClure has fine hair that is hard to manage and control and she had high hopes entering the test. She began the test by showing a picture of herself after a travel day and before her first shampoo using the product, Wen by Chaz. The second picture in the series is after her first shampoo and shows a modern woman with fine fly away hair getting ready for bed.

The test continues and her reporting is well documented as we follow the photos as they show improvement until the final day of the test. Along the way she determines that the Wen by Chaz recommends using a great deal of product to clean, shampoo, condition and revitalize the user’s hair.

McClure’s report represents the new and best form of advertising available for product endorsement. Many consumers, especially the growing group who are dependent on online shopping, are dependent on personal reviews for product recommendations. It is no longer sufficient to buy the recognizable brands but to look for recommendations from friends or reviews of the product or service offered. This, after all, is the day of Angie’s List. For online shoppers on Wen.com and http://chazdean.com/store.aspx reading the product reviews of products is absolutely necessary. The days of the big box and brick and mortar stores are rapidly coming to an end.

McClure’s report and her final results are available here: Bustle.


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