What Goettl Says You Can Do If You’re Overpaying To Use Your Air Conditioner

Yes, it’s true when the hot summer months in Arizona, California and Nevada come that you will need to be using your air conditioner more, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a fortune to do so. Often the higher costs come from having a central heating and air unit that’s out of date and may not even be sized properly. That’s why Goettl Air Conditioning, a very highly respected HVAC service company recommends buying new air conditioners and having their technicians install them. But Goettl Air Conditioning is also willing to help people learn other cost-saving tips that come with a few simple tasks around the home.


To get better cooling efficiency, Goettl Air Conditioning says you should invest in insulation that will protect in places most vulnerable to heat such as the attic. Also, placing your air conditioner’s condenser in more shady areas around your home and keeping the area clear of debris is also a good idea to help keep your air conditioner running properly. You should also have technicians regularly inspect the vents and ducts to make sure they’re remaining intact.

Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the longest running HVAC companies that started out as an industrial HVAC service company in the 1930s when Adam and Gust Goettl founded it, but it’s primarily residential now and is run by Ken Goodrich and his associates. The company started out local to Phoenix, AZ, but it’s started merging with other HVAC service centers in Las Vegas and Tucson, and even recently added Walton’s Air in southern California. Goettl has not only worked to serve customers around the clock, they’ve also helped pave the way for new technicians through their veterans program at a Las Vegas community college. Goettl is also a partner with the Sunny Plumber, and together they have helped with home repairs for needy individuals and families.

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